Have you ever had this experience:

You finish a session of knitting or crocheting and settle down in your anonymous room for a night of fitful, restless sleep, the kind of claustrophic somnolence only possible between the scratchy sheets of a mid-level hotel.

In the morning you dress, preparing yourself for another day of onsite work, and in tidying up your room, realize you’ve lost your crochet hook. You tear apart the bed. You fall on your hands and knees onto the not-so-clean carpet to peer under the bed. You riffle through your purse, computer bag and suitcase. No crochet hook.

You begin to sweat, an alarming development, because in an effort to limit the number of liquids traveling with you, you eschewed deodorant. You tear apart the bed again. You look behind the headboard. You plow through your computer bag for a second and third time. Nothing.

You despair. Tomorrow you will be spending five hours on aircraft. Toronto-Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh-Denver. Five hours with NO KNITTING, NO CROCHETING!!!!!! 

You spend the day smiling at clients and taking voluminous notes, but your heart is heavy, because you know that neither the New Yorker nor 300 games of Minesweeper will transport you from the grim reality of modern air travel. You NEED YOUR KNITTING! You also know that even in Canada, that enlightened nation to the north, they don’t sell crochet hooks in the airport gift shop.

Ten hours later, you arrive back and your hotel room and dully plug your computer into the network to answer email. Sitting right next to the notepad, on the desk, in plain sight is your crochet hook.

Life is very, very sweet.

(Now who’s going to open the first LYS based in a major airport?)

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June 29. 2007 04:34


I'm totally laughing...of course that mostly happens to me at home and with super special stitch markers that I love.  LYS in an airport...BRILLIANT!  All knitters go through an airport at one time or another...and everyone knows that vacation yarn doesn't count!  Smile

Christie |

July 2. 2007 00:32


I love it!  A yarn kiosk in the airport!  If only we were close to one...

martie |

July 2. 2007 04:22


I once looked for a crochet hook for two hours, I had just used it.  My husband finally asked me what I was looking for...you know the look I got...and then he asked if I had looked in my ponytail.

Pam |

July 2. 2007 23:38


i so had the lost needle happen this week. hours in the hospital, no knitting....horrors! aha...see that's what i've told my husband we need - a kiosk in the airport! research, hmm....Smile

sylvia |

July 3. 2007 01:41


I always drop the damn thing in the car and then have to stop and tear apart the passenger seat. If I'm lucky we find it. If not, it's off to the nearest WalMart. Fortunately (?) there are lots of those on car trips.

Susan |

July 7. 2007 04:53


FABULOUS idea!!   I love it!  Wish I had the money to invest in a venture like that -- I think it would be a huge success!!

You could even have a corner of the store where those with long layovers could have a quick lesson!

Becky |

July 9. 2007 05:20


I never lost a crochet hook in a hotel bed but I must say I'm always astonished that people sleep in these things with no concern for sanitation. I always travel with my own sheets, always. I could not possibly ever relax with my skin touching public sheets, and worse an unwashed blanket or bedspread, that countless anonymous humans have slept, farted, done unmentionable things in. Plus, the chance of bedbugs. Ew.

Trilby |

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