Lusting for:

Haven't felt much like blogging. I mean when you're knitting giant blocks of stockinette stitch, what's there to show?

And my garden? Currently, the petunias are looking like salad greens.

Let's do a little window shopping shall we? As long as we keep it to the computer, the carbon footprint is very low.

1. This is one of those yes-I'm-affiliated recos, but when I saw this in the latest YMN, my toes curled. Color isn't my genius, so I love the fact that there's this giant, cool cheat sheet.

2. Noni bags are always a surprise. Loved the "ruchiness" of this one:

3. Always...sigh.

Offhand Designs

4. From Blue Sky Alpacas, this little number (a bit jejune for someone such as myself, whose upper arms have started resembling canned hams):

Fitted Evening Top

5. Snuggle time with these two:

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