Mad at McCain

He lost me with the hug.

Though I haven’t been much of a switch-hitter, I look at the other team. There might come a day when the Dems nominate a candidate so corrupt and unskilled as to prompt a protest vote. So I look.

John McCain has long interested me. He’s a true American hero who knows viscerally what it means to send troops into harm’s way. (Though I marvel at his unwavering support of this war.) I followed his 2000 campaign with interest and was appalled by the reprehensible tactics deployed by Bush’s apparatchiks against his camp. As the campaign wore on, it became clear that McCain was too hawkish, too gun friendly, too pro-life to win my vote. But I admired him nonetheless.

Until he hugged that son of a bitch.

To treat a president with distant civility is one thing. To physically embrace and campaign for a man whose minions impugned your family? Smells like the gray-water of ambition.

Had he chosen an executive position—governor of Arizona?—instead of the internecine environment of Congress, perhaps we would have seen more of the unvarnished McCain, the man who’s willing to anger the far right and left with the raw courage of his convictions. Instead, McCain’s become an awkward insider, a complex, confused prevaricator willing to sell big chunks of his soul for a shot at America’s highest office.

Curious. There’s part of me that still believes he’s better than all of this.

For a much better take on his candidacy, read Todd S. Purdum’s piece on McCain in Vanity Fair.

For McCain on McCain.

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February 19. 2007 09:46


better?  I think I like your take on McCain than any other...good job.  You are particularly correct about Congress, or for that matter most of political Washington DC...although I had to look up "internecine" in the dictionary to be sure!  Smile

It happens to all of them.  Any politician of any stripe becomes more and more like their handlers and massagers the higher and higher they reach politically.

And become less and less like they really are or could be.   Look at Al Gore. On the national political, presidential stage versus now where he is committed to a subject he truly believes in...a much nicer, likable, and believable guy.

The closer they get to ultimate power, the less our politicians are attractive.  Be afraid.  Very afraid.

John |

June 29. 2007 11:57


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