Mama's got a new pair of *snow* shoes and other not-so-notable details from 2011

Two weeks ago my trusty 13-year-old snowshoes gave up the ghost; my extreme athleticism is hard on equipment.Wink In these climes, Costco carries a snowshoe set that includes snowshoes, poles and a bag for about $70. (This offer is for the 7000 series; mine are the 6000.)

     What a difference 13 years makes! One-pull bindings! Adjustable poles! Hinged foot bed! If only my hips could be updated so easily, I might've flown up the trail yesterday.

     This is all to say that 2011 has graced us and our families with continued good health and a willingness to see where the trails of 2012 might lead.Herewith a look at the past year in anticipation of the new:

    1. Went veg (mostly). Except for some notable lapses on the road and in a few wonderful bakeries, have largely eschewed eating animal products since March 9. Do we feel better? Yes, about not eating our furry friends.

    2. Visited places, the names of which begin with the letter “A”: Atlanta, Asheville and Arizona.

    3. Rejoiced at the return of the sibling to Colorado.

    4. Watched a nephew graduate from high school.

    5. Wrote a difficult piece about a rag-tag team of student software developers who were attempting to align the ancient night skies to archaeological monuments. Lived to tell about it.

    6. Traveled to the OC and Stephenville, Texas for work.

    7. Cheered Mr. Nake-id and Mr. Contractor, who finished the exterior of El Rancho sin Chihuahua.

    8. Fluffed up the look of Nake-id Knits. (Thanks to Sage Creative and Nake-id IT.)

    9. Knitaway!

    10. Published the Naughty Bohemian Little Black Skirt. (Hoping to sell enough to retire in 2012. Feel free to support the cause ;-)

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