Many parts are edible

If you look closely you can see a bee enjoying a good long drink in the lower part of this photo. Good on him. He's making more crab apples. And, if he's a honey bee, he'll make some of that, too. And, there I'll be, standing on the sidelines, eating tree bark and paper towels while my.

Dear readers, my cholesterol results came in. And after a year of tofu, green juices, and, yes, the occasional onion ring or muffin, my numbers remain remarkably stable at: Bacon.

It's not as if I altered my diet slightly by pulling the skins off chicken breasts and eating oatmeal now and again. Oh no. I up and chucked red meat, white meat, swimmers, curds and whey, Greek yogurt, Chunky Monkey ice cream and more, and along the way suffered all manner of indignity at the hands of friends and family, happy to have additional reason to send guano my way.

The nice people at the 9Health Fair did not make me happy this year.

Will I go back to being a flesh-eating omni?

Unclear at this point. Will be seeing the doc this week and looking into the carbo-cholesterol connection. But I've drunk a lot of vegan Kool-aid in past months and adore the cuisine. So we'll see.

Meanwhile, trying to enjoy the blessings of spring. I can still smell and eat the flowers.



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