Material Girl

Things can get pretty materialistic around here, literally and figuratively.

Remember these? Several years ago, I knit curtains for El Rancho. Since then the flinty Western sun has taken a toll on my window coverings and the time has come to replace. (Ever want to know what the sun will do to your skin, look at the backside of your unlined curtains. Booga booga.)

Since a new sewing machine has come into the family (hi Mom!), the time has come to put the pedal to the carpet and make new. (The last attempt in junior high resulted in pants with perpendicular-not-parallel legs.) Anyway, I'm hoping some gentle tutelege and new technology will yield better results. And with fabric 50% off at Hancocks, you can hardly beat $10 for new decor.

Can see where anoter obsession could be brewing.

Speaking of obsessions, will also be trying recipes from a maternal cast-off, New Food of Life, an omnivorous Persian/Iranian cookbook with plenty of veg treats contained therein.

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