If you scroll to the six-minute mark in this clip from "I, Claudius," you'll view the scene when the centurion announces to the Roman Senate that Caligula has undergone a "meta-more-pho-sis."

When I was a teenager, we used to scream with laughter at that one.

Anyway, I need a meta-mor-phosis. I've been wanting a change for some time and have been waiting for fate to hand it to me on a silver platter. Some great new assignment. The offer to teach beginning knitting in Bulgaria. The addition of a herd of chihuahua to our happy home. Something. (To be specific, in case the universe wants to smack me upside the head with its sense of humor, let's bring about some "good" change, please, not bad.)

So I've decided to take things into my own hands. Keep your eyes peeled for some esthetic changes to the old blog and the unleashing of some unabashedly "nake-id" designs. It will probably take some time to get these things accomplished. But just you wait.

We're going to have some fun over here at Chez Nake-id. Yes, we are.

Have a fine weekend!

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