Mobius madness

I think Cat Bordhi is a genius. I use her two-circ socks technique for everything requiring double-points. Spend 20 minutes knitting with me and you'll soon hear of my anti-dpn bias. Though I tell students these techniques are all a matter of preference. I make judgements. I do. If you knit with double points, I will think you're nuts.

I also love how Cat has taken the the mobius vocabularly and articulated it in the extreme. If I weren't such a selfish wench, I'd whip out a couple of cat beds for men of the house. Do you think Mitch would like one, too?

But holiday knitting is upon us, so the boys will have to wait. I'm deep into mobiusness and yesterday, bouncing down I-25 in the truck, I tried Bordhi's cast-on and decided that while she is a genius, I am not.

The Girl from Auntie has written a marvelous article about various mobius cast ons that may shed some light. Why you can't simply twist your knitting at the join? Or is my geometry failing me?

Please advise.

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