This is one of those posts that give blogs a bad name. So if you dislike self-obsessed, naval gazing writing, avert your eyes. You've been duly warned.

I'm sprouting a mole. On my face. In precisely the same location where my grandma had a big juicy one distinguished by about a dozen short, spiney hairs.

People, I sell skin care. (Well, “sell“ is a euphemism. I keep a lot of skin care in the closet. Sell would imply generating income.) So me and the old epidermis are pretty tight. I'm good to my skin. I wear sunscreen and hats and smear on lots of expensive serums and creams. And now it does this? In public? Without asking?

Oh, and don't even begin to think of it as a “beauty mark.“ This angry, red protrusion looks like it belongs on the bum of an aging bull dog. And I suspect it's only half grown.

I've always said, no plastic surgery. But faced with this alien mass (Mom, I swear, it's not melanoma), I can tell you the endgame. This bad boy's headed for the biohazard bag. Snip snip. Chop chop. Hasta la vista, baby.




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July 28. 2006 12:54


I suggest you consult a good dermatoligist (I dont think thats correct).  I am careful with my skin too but I have some damage from childhood that comes back to haunt me.  

Ashley |

July 28. 2006 20:26


I agree with Ashley...see a dermatologist.  get the snip-snip done.  It seems you are devoted to good skin care, so you can't stop now.

We have excellent dermatologists here - 2 live on my block!  Come visit and we can get ya fixed up in no time...  Smile

John |

December 15. 2006 23:55



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