Monday comment mongering

You know how it is on the weekend: You smurf about and in the process wonder what you’re going to write on Monday. I’m not much for WIP pics. My WIPs look like the wrath of God, so it’s best to keep them under wraps until they’re all blocked and ready for a public show.

The Rockies? There’s a sad story that’s already been overtold. But they’re young and a new season will be upon us in no time.

The gorgeous fall. Hard to compete with the post-Rhinebeck reports. But it’s pretty here, too. Real pretty. (Whew! Worked up a sweat with that description, didn’t I?)

So, I’m left with comment mongering. I find myself in the happy position of having some goodies I can give away. Leave a comment by Wednesday and I’ll put your names in a hat and we’ll do a drawing.

Two prizes:

The first, three giant balls of Textiles a Mano hand-painted merino wool—about 1,700 yds. Gorgeous. See? (Cat paw not included.)


Second, two cute-as-can-be baby knitting books—Itty-Bitty Nursery and Debbie Bliss Essential Baby.

Good Luck!

P.S. Email me at leslie (at) nakeidknits (dot) com with your contact info. That would be most splendid.

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October 29. 2007 00:46

Carishma Gokhale-Welch

Not a good reason for delurking, but the yarn looks gorgeous! We live in the San Luis Valley, and have some friends in the Wet Mountain Valley (infact Kevin works for the San Isabel Land Trust), so I've been meaning to comment for a while now. Six degrees of separation!

Anyway, let's see how I luck out with the goodies! Have a fabulous week.

(Since I've never commented before, I'm not sure if my email address is displayed, so I'll refrain from sharing it with the WWW.)

Carishma Gokhale-Welch |

October 29. 2007 00:55


Couldn't resist entering for a giveaway. And I'm pretty sure you won't be selling my info either, right??? That stuff could make a lot of snoods.

Susan |

October 29. 2007 03:12


Your lucky to have a lovely fall.  In the Chicago area, it's been so warm that most of the trees are still green when normally the leaves would've turned colors & fallen off by now.  As far as the Series, just think about this:  it has been 100 years since the Cubs won a World Series - there is no one alive who remembers seeing them win one.  Gorgeous yarn.

mwknitter |

October 29. 2007 04:12


Hello from a Four Corners Colorado knitter! I always lurk and look forward to your musings. Everyone is entitled to a "I don't know what to write" day. Hope the week goes well.


Nancy |

October 29. 2007 04:34


OK.  You got me with the baby knitting books.  As a grandmother-in-training, I need to stay in practice.  It's part of the official training program.  

As for fall, no fall knitting here.  Too many bulbs to plant.  150 down, 200 to go.

Sorry about them Rockies.  Guess God loves Boston more.  Don't take it personal.

threadingwater |

October 29. 2007 05:52


I'm in cuz of the baby knitting books, too.  Do you think having more patterns for little ones will get my daughters to think about having children?  I know how you feel about losing this year, I am a Yankees fan (Hope that doesn't take me out of the running for the prizes!)

Cindy |

October 29. 2007 06:27


its my birthday - and i feel lucky. Count me in please.

carol |

October 29. 2007 06:51


I'm a Red Sox fan- so I honestly can't say I feel sorry for the Rockies. Their time will come. Persistence pays off.  The Sox are proof of that, aren't they?  

Barbara |

October 29. 2007 06:55

Gina Beirne

I'm delurking because I want yarn! Or books... Smile

Gina Beirne |

October 29. 2007 07:13


we love comment mongering!  and your wonderful drawings!

robin |

October 29. 2007 07:18


What can I say- I'm a book ho.

Cathi |

October 29. 2007 08:09


Thanks for the contest opportunity-there are four pregnant women in my office, all due in February!

Rose |

October 29. 2007 08:15


Okay, I can't resist the Textiles a Manos picture either.  I am officially delurked.


Cindy Madden |

October 29. 2007 14:24



Too bad about the Rockies. (If it's any consolation, the Jays lost out much earlier.)

I'd love a chance to win yarn or knitting books.

Nicole |

October 29. 2007 16:33


All right - you got me.  Delurking after about 2 years to comment because I'm a yarn ho and I never win anything.  Just gotta keep trying!

Meghan Howell |

October 30. 2007 00:24


Does the fact that I'm your mother cut any ice?  Think of us 'lonely old people' sitting home needing yarn to keep ourselves occupied!  Oh Oh - I forgot!  You've seen my stash!

love mom

sue |

October 30. 2007 01:55


Hee. I'm reminded of a joke:

How many moms does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None! "Oh, I'll be just fine here in the dark. It's no trouble at all. You can change it when you have time. I know you're busy, dear."

Commenting because I'm realizing that little-bitty baby projects are about the only knitting I have time for these days. Having patterns would help.

Kitt |

October 30. 2007 05:54


I'm here for the baby books too; I have a baby grandson.  And that yarn looks gorgeous.  

Diana |

October 30. 2007 07:24


Delurking to comment.  You know you have a good contest going when you get a comment from your mother.

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