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Don't you find it cheering to think about things you love...even if they are things? Like how a new skein of sock yarn might spark an idea--like a pencil skirt? Put your pins-of-a-certain-age in tights and rock it, baby! Or the taste of something exquisite in a restaurant might push you to try something new at home. (Who doesn't need another bottle of flavored balsamic? I mean, really.)

Take the item pictured above. When I first saw one of the baublicious belt buckles, I was shameless, "Did you make more?" I asked.

Whipping out her iPhone, Stephanie displayed the fruits of her fused-glass endeavors and I selected this pretty thing. Will be augmenting it with it with this.

Some other fun things to turn your head this weekend:

Life. Changing. Frosting. Coined by the above mentioned Stephanie. (Scroll down until you reach Cardamon Rose Cupcake.)

Reading. Newly committed. (Until the next plate of lox. People, it's a process.)

Can't wait.

Meditating. And snoring. (Another process.)

Whoops. (But on sale! And vegan.)

Vintage knitting time sink. Surf at your own risk. (Thanks Kelly!)

Speaking of age...

Fabulous. Iced.

Need to catch up on.

What's on your love list this week?

Ciao, Bellas!



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July 23. 2012 09:07

Kelly Dolan

You're welcome ;)

Kelly Dolan |

July 23. 2012 17:17


Be careful of the aveda thickening products. It stripped my aveda colored hair. if you are a sans natural girl it should work well.  I also find that 5000mg of biotin is a miracle worker too. Also costs less than aveda product. Best wishes!

Ann |

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