More Traveling Shawl

Last night I knit my rows on the Traveling Shawl. (Yes, I had to use the lifeline, darn it.) With 49 other knitters involved and so much emotion knit into the stitches of this shawl, I was scared to death I might muck things up.

I really tried while yarn-overing and SSKing to think about the late great Joan M. Smith, whose personality was big enough to fill her six-foot, red-headed frame. That wild woman taught me a lot about life during our short acquaintance. While knitting, I remembered this: A number of years ago my friend Charlotte and I were driving across Texas, heading to a university where we were scheduled to conduct some focus groups. Charlotte had commissioned an astrology reading from Joan, who delivered them on tape. During the entire three-hour drive, we listened to Joan talk about how Charlotte needed to do this or that because her Virgo was in the seventh house or squared with Neptune or direct with whatever. Joanie knew her stuff and she had this uncanny way of talking to a tape recorder like a best friend; it was like she was in the car with us.

Charlotte and I were having such a good time that eventually a state trooper pulled us over for our exuberant driving.

I often say, only the good die young, that the rest of us have too much to learn. Joanie had wisdom and humor and an overbite. She loved animals and the Democratic Party. She was intuitive and noisy and sharp as a tack. And a fairy godmother.

Anyway, knitting on the shawl wasn't a maudlin experience at all. Thinking about Joan is a delight, and knitting in the hope that scientists will uncover the mysteries behind cancer ensuring that young women like Nicole have the opportunity to watch their children have children and knit through their stashes, is a privilege.

If you'd like to knit a similar shawl, designer Kay Meadors has posted it for sale on Ravelry. Proceeds from the pattern's sale go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Hello, Taos. The shawl is headed your way tomorrow!

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March 31. 2009 20:50


I think I'd have loved listening to Joan too!  Her image came through your writing so very clear.  

Funny, isn't it that the shawl is not the least maudlin?  I found it inspiring and a very warm experience.  

Denise~ |

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