More gifts for knitters under $10

I'll stop with the lists already. Soon!

1. A striking wood shawl stick.

2. A pair of straight Harmony knitting needles, size 4-10.

3. A brand-new knitting book. Hamilton Books has many titles for $9.95 and under, including Debbie Bliss titles, The Knitter's Almanac, and more!

4. A sheep knitting magnet.

5. A trai wood crochet hook.

6. A "screw up" lotion bar for spot moisturizing. Great for the knitting basket.

7. A learn-to-spin kit from Ma and Pa's Spindles.

8. A hand-turned nostepinne. For portable ball winding.

P.S. Have you seen the clip from the Colbert Report about subversive knitting? Very funny.

Click on the video thumbnail just right of the Barbara Walters one. It’s called “Nailed ‘Em – Radical Knitting.” (Thanks, Rox!)

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