More knitting in the raw

I'm sure you're all dying to read more about my obsession with raw food. But there's just something fascinating about it.

For those of you who may be related to me or concerned for my sanity, I have no intention of going all raw. Winter is fast approaching and who wants to eat salad when it's snowing outside? (Although raw dogma allows for food to be heated up to 118 degrees, but I've never been good with dogma.)

I think part of the appeal lies in observing the evolution of this subculture. Kind of like watching the knitting thing explode a few years back. Here are all these people seeking transformation, mostly for reasons of health, some to improve their looks or live more lightly on the planet, but all driven to make some kind of change.

It reminds me of the New Age movement of the '80s and early '90s, when folks were experimenting with crystals, channeling and alternative religious and spiritual practices. Recently, I ran in to a professor I had at the time and we both bemoaned the dearth of New Age activity in the ether. We both sighed, “Nobody's weird anymore.“

I use the term “weird“ not in a pejorative sense, but to describe experimental and out-of-the-mainstream ways of living. Being fairly moderate in my own habits, I'm fascinated by people who are more extreme, who choose not the path of least resistence, but opt instead for the hard, untraveled road. So American, isn't it? Let's go west into the wilderness and eat raw food?

Anyway, I'm just looking around in this little world and finding it interesting. Wanna check out some raw food blogs?





(I've got my brother-in-law in a twist with my threats to serve them green smoothies every morning during their visit.)


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September 26. 2007 05:44

Nancy C.

Oh, contraire, my knitting friend. There are plenty of "weird" people who live in my neck of the woods. Look to the southwest corner of your state and head to Durango. We got plenty of people who don't even blink when you tell them the reason that things are all cattywhampus because "Mercury is in retrograde." Lots to crystal-loving, teepee living-in, tree-hugging, raw food eating, one with nature people over here.

If you make it down here, contact me. I teach at the college on the mesa (English) and never fail to be fascinated by the weird people who allow me to live amongst them.


Nancy C. |

September 27. 2007 02:38


Green Smoothies would be Mint Julep with Mint chocolate chip ice cream and a mint sprig on the top, Correct?

Pam |

September 27. 2007 23:08


I find it a comfort to be able to travel different parts of this country and no matter where you are, people's spin on life can be so diverse...people who take the untraveled road, people who may seem a little "weird"...

for instance, people where I live now are utterly consumed with the upcoming slaughter of wildlife called deer season.  And most would think eating raw mean have broiled not deep fried for their Friday fish fry...  Smile

John |

October 14. 2007 22:57


Interesting to think about the raw food idea in conjunction with ayurvedic doshas. Folks who are vata-predominant might not do so well on such a diet.

There are a few weird folks running around still, but most of them are not, in my observation, on the Front Range of Colorado (parts of Boulder and a couple of smaller settlements excepted).

Deborah Robson |

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