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Yesterday as we were driving back from El Rancho--a non-sustainable endeavor to be sure--we listened to Terry Gross' interview with Al Gore. Before she launched into a discussion of his book, The Assault on Reason, she asked the requisite questions about the Democratic race for the nomination, prefacing her questions with the phrase, "as an elder party statesman..."

Gore laughed and good humoredly took umbrage at being called an "elder party statesman," saying that a woman approached him recently saying, "If you had dark hair, you'd look just like Al Gore"!

It would appear that even a Noble prize doesn't insulate one from feeling tender about one's age.

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May 7. 2008 08:45


I really hate this topic, Ms. Nake-Id, but I share the preoccupation.  My formula for dealing with my own aging process has been to 1) eat well & keep my weight down 2)exercise to the brink of exhaustion 4x/week  3)make snarky comments to myself about women who dress inappropriately for their age and hope to god no one is putting me in that same category and 4)hang on to the partner who honestly doesn't notice whether or not I do any of the above, including dressing inappropriately for my years, and 5)hope that my eventual BIG decline will be swift and relatively painless.
Works for me.  So far.

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