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I went to a writer's gathering last night and the speaker enjoined us, when thinking about magazine articles, to find our verb.

Is that a little like Stella and her groove? Especially for scribners of a certain age?

So in approaching today's post, bleery-eyed, I thought, fine: How 'bout "besotted." This post is besotted with the latest issue of Vogue Knitting dedicated entirely to crochet.

Featuring just about every crochet hook on the market as well as the latest news and pattern scoop, the issue showcases the work of Nicky Epstein (the Rose Duster will make you want to play hooky--for the next year--and stitch it right up), Kristin Omdahl (oh for the body to wear that dress!), Mari Lynn Patrick and more.

Definitely worth the price of admission for the eye candy alone. (Not to mention the trenchant book reviews, ahem.)

Knitting? Who's knitting?

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April 27. 2012 11:23


I challenge you to storyboard your next post--make it cinematic! Who is reading you on the audiobook? James Earl Jones? No....let's see, how about Meryl Streep?

Mindy |

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