Movie: Forks Over Knives

If you've read The China Study, the newly released documentary Forks Over Knives will be largely a review. But if you've yet to tackle The China Study (tough sledding that), FOK will give you the gist of Colin Campbell's epidemiological work in China presented alongside that of clinician Caldwell Esselstyn, who used a plant-based diet to treat people with advanced heart disease.

The beauty of watching over reading in this case is the easy *ahem* digestibility of the material (full disclosure, I did fall asleep halfway through) ands the personal stories of people who were supposed to live months and have gone on to live 20 extra years. Makes you look at bacon in a whole new light, huh?

We're not scientists over at Nake-id Knits, far from it. But the evidence is pretty compelling. If anyone out there is of a more scientific bent and has some opinions about methodology, conclusions, etc. from this work, please weigh in. With something as complex as how food interacts with human biochemistry, the more voices the better.

Forks Over Knives, by the way, can be streamed instantly on Netflix.

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