Mowing and marriage

Yesterday's New York Times Style section featured a story about two couples who engaged in marathon sex to reinvigorate their marriages--and then wrote books about the experience.

This weekend Mitch and I mowed the lawn at El Rancho. I don't have a good photo showing the scope of our "mowage." The house sits in the midst of 10 acres of pasture and we groomed maybe half an acre around the house?

In the past I've often advised new brides: If you don't know how to mow a lawn, keep it that way.

I stayed pure for years until we lucked into a second mower. Let's just say you can only play the diva card so often before it's no longer cute.

So we mowed and mowed and mowed. Kind of zen, mowing. And at altitude, a bit of a workout.

I joked with friends this weekend that the couple who mows together stays together. Think about it. Just like sex, mowing a large lawn is a cooperative endeavor, requires communication and healthy exertion. I'm ready to write the manual:

Mowing Your Way to a Happy Marriage

Save Your Marriage the Briggs & Stratton Way

Healthy Pasture; Healthy Partnership

Cut the Weeds Out of Your Marriage

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June 9. 2008 02:48


Or how about, How Can We Stay Together When We're Always in the Weeds?
He Wanted a Big Screen TV but He Got a Riding Mower??
Actually, these sound more like country songs than books, don't they? Maybe I'm in the wrong profession.

Susan |

June 9. 2008 02:57


Then what does it say about me that I pay someone else to do the mowing???

On second thought, don't answer that.

Kitt |

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