Mrs. S' Bag

Last night we went to a function, which required the donning of real clothes and the carrying of proper accessories. Since I spent a past life as a theater critic, I'm well equipped in the semi-formal outfit department, especially the kind that can be tossed on in a rush to catch an early curtain. (Word to the wise: If you don't own black silk pants, get a pair. Wear them to weddings, parties, openings nights. Great with sweaters. Can't go wrong.)

I couldn't very well carry my filthy messenger bag to dinner, so I unearthed the purse pictured below. In 2006 when our elderly neighbor died, his caregivers gave me his mother's vintage purses and button collection. Mrs. S lived 'til her 90's and was a seamstress at the Brown Palace; so the house was filled with wonderful textiles. She passed before we moved into the neighborhood, but I imagine her as resourceful, hardworking and possessed of a strong sense of esthetics. We know she was a passionate gardener from the flowers that continued to sprout among Oscar's weeds. 

So I carried this delightful, crocheted purse last night, wondering if she made it or whether it was a gift or a much-desired object. I love it and was honored to carry this memory of her with me.

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May 30. 2008 06:19


That's a superb bag.

Deb |

May 30. 2008 06:25


Mrs. S had a love of textiles and you carry it on with her handbag.
As to your post of yesterday, it is fascinating (sometimes irritating) to watch the younger set and their 'connections'.  My time away from others (in every form) is well protected.

margene |

May 30. 2008 06:59


Simply gorgeous

Pam |

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