My chicken can kick your chicken's tail feathers!

I’m challenging all local goils to a knit chicken smackdown. The best hen–or rooster–takes all!

Posh is hosting a knit Poultry Smackdown. Knit a chicken from Blue Sky Alpaca's Knit Chicken pattern between now and April 15 to win prizes, glory and the title of Posh Poultry Queen.

Syl is offering a 10% discount on all chicken supplies–she has the knit chicken pattern in now. Prizes may include yarn, notions, bags, etc., Syl’s choice.

Read more about it on the Posh blog, here.

Who’s in?

Better get knitting, my chicken is about half hatched!

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March 20. 2009 12:06


Can we crochet a chicken, huh? huh? Does it have to be with the alpaca yarn? Those birds look awfully cute to me.

Susan |

March 20. 2009 12:09


okay - I read the rules. Guess I'll have to pony up for some alpaca (i love mixed metaphors!!) but I'll call syl and see if she'll consider a crocheted -- or is that fowl???

Susan |

March 20. 2009 12:13


Crocheted capons would be divine! Just make sure that most of the yarn used comes from Posh, since Syl is providing prizes, venue, etc.

leslie |

March 21. 2009 07:21

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March 22. 2009 23:38

SEO in New York

This sounds like a very cool contest, especially if you are a good knitter. I am brand new and it would likely take me beyond next April to get something like this done.

SEO in New York |

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