My first corrugated ribbing

Corrugated ribbing

Yesterday I was faced with having to execute my first corrugated ribbing in the truck. Hurtling down a highway at 70 mph. (Rest easy. I wasn't driving.)

Before we left the ranch, I "googled" corrugated ribbing for a quick tutorial only to discover that Wendy, the doyenne of all-things-interesting-and-difficult-to-execute, hates corrugated ribbing. This did not bode well, but stillĀ I was happy to learn that corrugated ribbing is nothing more than knit one color, purl another. Fiddly. Annoying. But not undoable.

I decided to do it two-handed. Mom will be proud. She's been trying to get me to knit two colors with two hands for years. She'll be gratified to know I finally listened. Since I was planning a k2,p2 rib, I didn't need to mess with all the toggling and weaving involved in two-handed Fair Isle, I just had to knit with two colors in the truck without having a seizure.

I decided to knit left-handed Continental-style and purl English-style (purling Continental-style is like executing a reverse 2.5 pike). This made for limited ball tangling, but given I was using two circs required resetting the hands every half-round. Very fiddly. Very annoying.

But it all went off swimmingly and it makes for a very flashy edge.

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August 25. 2008 04:31


Looking good!

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