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I love these features in Vanity Fair magazine where some A-lister details their favorite (usually very expensive) products. I think it's fun for those of us mucking around in the real world to play too. Ready?

Beauty Products

Lipstick--Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

Mascara--Arbonne (I logged time in the cult, remember?)


Perfume--Chanel No. 5 or Coco in the winter; Cuban baby cologne in the summer

Toothpaste--Tom's of Maine

Soap--My own

Brows waxed? Once every year or two, whether they need it or not.





Day bag--Locally made messenger bag from Red Door boutique

Evening bag--Vintage black silk from Mom's trusseau

Favorite discovery--Local designers and Etsy

Necessary extravagance--Good bras and yarn, of course


Favorite art--early 20th century works from Broadmoor Academy in Colorado Springs

Sheets--100 percent cotton from Costco

Coffee maker--Mitch

Favorite neighborhood restaurant--Cafe Brazil and Cafe Cafe

Neighborhood--Northwest Denver

Favorite cocktail--Malbec

Blackberry or Treo--Say what?

Favorite charity--San Isabel Land Trust, Heifer International, Alzheimer's research and knitters in need


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August 10. 2007 07:44

N/A're so much like a real person it's amazing.  ;)

Christie |

August 11. 2007 22:36


What a great list!  *sniff, sniff*  what's that I smell?  *sniff*  is that a....  meme???  haha

5elementknitr |

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