Nak-id Love

Nak-id Love June 2012

Had a completely mixed day of making yesterday full of re-dos, dishes, ripping and vague dissatisfaction. Not even delighted with the collage featured above.

Which brings me to the...collage. I love lists like this, in which celebrities recommend stuff. Not that these features are particularly self-revelatory, but they do open a window. If someone wealthy extols the virtues of her vintage Timex, well, that kind of says something (unless her publicist wrote it to jive with her "brand").

No celebrity here, but thought I'd share some favortite obsessions, given the state of this weekend's output.

From top left: Vintage Ray Bans with prescription lenses, so cool and recycled! Chiaogoo crochet hooks when size matters (up to size "U", people!). Can't wear Cimabue, a Boulder-crafted, artisanal fragrance, enough. (Apologies to colleagues if I come to work a little whiffy.) Levis Slight Curve Straight Jeans. Got 'em on sale at Kohl's. Perfect rise for "girls of a certain age" and more forgiving than skinnys. Love them! With summer upon us full bore, who doesn't need a little freshening? If you've cast aspersions on natural deodorants before, give Burt's Bees a squirt. Works. (Best price: Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage.) Bring Up the Bodies, the sequel to Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, in which Anne Boleyn gets hers. (I've read dozens of Tudor biographies and always hope the ending will change.) Dying to read. Tired of the pervy owner of American Apparel? Hae Now t-shirts aren't made domestically but offer an organic, fair trade alternative. Nothing fancy or trendy here, just a slightly nipped in waist and pesticide-free cotton.

Let's hope the work week bodes well for high-quality production.


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