Nake-id Knits Illustrated--Stash enhancement

Thanks to the largesse of Anne over at Threading Water and The Mother’s Day Project I am the proud owner of an interim camera. I am still adjusting to its quirks. Just like there are no perfect handbags, houses and men, there are no perfect cameras. Couple that with user ineptitude—in all four categories—and life remains perpetually interesting.

Given how light and small this camera is (a cute Fuji FinePix), it takes wonderful photographs and is way more intuitive than the dreadful, now-deceased Kodak. It’s also quite smart and knows just when to deploy a flash—just the ticket for someone with no patience for f-stops and all the attendent complexities of the photographic process.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome the new residents at Chez Nake-id (from Taos). From left to right: Lonesome Stone Gemstone in Hues of Navy, La Lana Streakers in Bluey, Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool Co. DK in blue, bombyx silk from La Lana Wools and Royal Baby Blue Alpaca from Xanadu Farms hand-dyed by my friend Cheri (that’s 14 micron Royal Baby, for the fiberati out there).

I’m thinking a side-to-side, textured, cropped kimono?


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October 15. 2007 03:05


Pretty colors!  It will be a very cute sweater!

Christie |

October 15. 2007 07:47


Ooh, very pretty! And very nice of Anne to share her camera with you so we can see your Taos goodies.

Kitt |

October 17. 2007 02:33


Pretty pretty blues. I love Plain & Fancy. I hate that I missed Estes this year.

Wanda |

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