Nake-id and Vegan

A couple of weeks ago we saw a show on PBS, "Kickstart Your Health with Dr. Neal Barnard." Serendipitously I had just received the results of a blood test, indicating that my cholesterol was very high. This has been a long-standing problem. Though over the years I've made concessions like never buttering bread and eating bagels without cream cheese and exercised, maybe not religiously nor as vigorously as possible, nothing's made much of a difference. 

Dr. Barnard claims that by following a low-fat vegan diet, you can reverse diabetes, control cholesterol, increase energy, lose weight, blah, blah, blah.

Given to dietary "toots," I thought, "Why not?" Why not spend a few weeks forgoing meat and dairy just to see? Though I happen to think humans are omnivores--those canine choppers are there for a reason--I also think most Americans eat too many animal products. It's not only taking it's toll on our bodies but on the planet.

I also think a lifetime of vegan orthodoxy sounds about as much fun as knitting a car coat in seed stitch. No. Roast. Chicken. Ever? Plus, it stands to reason that not every body is suited for veganism. An acquaintance--a longstanding vegan--eventually found herself completely enervated and with her hair falling out in clumps. To properly manage this kind of diet requires conscious eating and food combining and attention to amino acids, no wonder she was exhausted.

To play at being a vegan, though, is fun. We've had vegetable enchilada casserole with squash, nopales and beans, gnocchi with marinara sauce, eggplant marsala, curried lentils and rice, shepherd's pie and, of course, stir fry. Tonight: Veggie gumbo. 

Yes, there's been cheating. A Caesar salad here, a slice of vegetarian pizza there. But mostly pretty good.

Nake-id IT's been game. Real men DO eat tofu. And lots of it, good Lord!

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