Nake-id faves

I adore love lists, they're a great way to learn about delicious reads, eats, knits, beauty potions, films, exhibits and naught indulgences.

Some recent faves:

Absolute Bliss, currently on sale at Natural Grocers. Non-dairy, life-changing. We're mad for the stuff.

Pick up Potok. Adored this novel, which brilliantly illuminates a much-misunderstood people.

Blog envy. Here. Here. And here. The food. The photography. The writing. Go play.

Recently intrigued.

Newly appreciating. Such lovely, clean patterns. Want to knit this and this. Maybe this, too.

Need more time to plumb. So many classes, so little time.

Can't make it and heartsick.

Anxiously awaiting.


Dying to see. Because of Rome. And Woody Allen. And Alec Baldwin.

Ready for the weekend. Carpe, carpe diem.


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