Nake-id obsessions: A list

Yes, it's been a while. No excuses. Ennui mostly. Never a good sign at Nake-id Knits where squeals and enthusiasm reign. Here are some things that have curled a toe or two, malaise aside:

1. New glasses. Euphoniously named #484935. If you were a single-vision, non-high-index lens person, you could have them for 24 bucks. And, yes, they're fine.

2. This magazine. Have gone completely round the bend over it. To the point that I want to crawl between the covers and take residence.

3. And this magazine.

4. This shawl. Named Daisy, no doubt after the new Gatsby flick, which being a jazz fan seems so wrong.

5. Ted Talks. The new default when there's nothing on the tube.

6. This sweater. Yes, I ordered yarn for it. Thirteen Mile Chunky in Oatmeal.

7. Cooked by Michael Pollan. Will make you yearn to make your own catsup.

What are you excited about this spring?

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