Nake-id under pressure--We got steam heat!

There's nothing that brings a smile to my face more than a shiny new kitchen appliance. (Mayybeee, vintage jewelry, but this is still exciting.)

The pot pictured above is a T-fal 6.3-quart pressure cooker. Stainless steel. It's a handsome thing, no?

We purchased it on the recommendation of an Indian colleague of Mitch's, who says, she cooks beans in 15 minutes. In India, everyone uses pressure cookers.

But it's intimidating. Being my mother's daughter, I have visions of beheading by stainless steel projectile, or at the very least, kidney beans embedded in the ceiling and second-degree burns.

Manufacturers insist it's all different now, what with all the relief valves and fail-safe mechanisms. And Nake-id IT dove right in, reading instructions, and assuring me Armaggedon was not at hand.

Our inaugural meal under pressure was a veganized butternut squash risotto with sage. And once the pressure cooker reached its full pressure, five minutes or less, we had our risotto in 10 minutes. No stirring. No 45 minutes coddling it over a hot stove. Risotto in 10 minutes.

Lentils tonight!


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