Nake-id with credit card

Maybe it's the corporeal vegan denial? Or the coming of the jingle bells? But right now I can't be trusted with a credit card.

To wit: The profligate purchase of new skincare back-to-back with new yarn. As if these things didn't exist in ample supply at Chez Nake-id.

The above skein, called Stimulus Package, comes from a hand-dyer in New Mexico, Dyelot Yarn (this is the Aster colorway.) Combining mohair, boucle, alpaca and three different kinds of merino, each variegated yarn spills out into 100-plus-yard segments for a total put up of 670 yds. Enough for a generous shawl, vest or shrug.

I'm thinking a tunic ala Altiplano by Anthropologie (see below), only knit not crocheted.

The site of the crime, Wild Yarns. For all you local girls with similar impulse-control issues, the Dyelot Yarn trunk show continues through the week.

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