Neato eco crochet

Ran across a story in the San Francisco Chronicle this week about a Bay Area company that’s manufacturing handbags from recycled pop tops. Working with women’s cooperatives in Brazil, Escama has developed a healthy fair trade, eco-chic accessory biz. I like the Masha…


Also check out the feature about Escama and “Pull-Tab Crochet” in Craft:

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June 21. 2007 04:49


That is way cool!  I might be a little afraid of a rough edge catching on something, but what an great way of recycling and being chic!

Christie |

June 21. 2007 22:47


The gift shop at the Museum of Contemporary Art (or is it modern art?) in Boulder carries these. I was very tempted by the messenger bag. It has an intriguing heft to it.

Also, check out the purses made in India from recycled plastic bags, at">

Kitt |

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