Need a baaaaaa-d fiber-related hostess gift?


Food goes through fads. Restaurants now are obsessed with sliders in all their forms. If you can put it on a bun--and what can't you put on a bun, really?--they're  doing it. Duck confit, kobe beef, lamb, sliders with chipotle mayonnaise, remoulade and tomato jam. "Tomato jam." For the love of Pete.

Salt caramels are another item that are getting their day in the sun. And why not? A step left of chocolate, salt caramels remove cocoa from the equation leaving nothing but the basics, butter, cream and sugar that are pushed to their darkest, tawniest point then spiked with fleur de sel.

This season I fell head over heels for locally made Helliemae's Cardomon Caramels, all melty and rich with just a hint of that exotic spice. Then yesterday, I received these from Stephanie, who knows my affection for all things goat: Goat milk and roasted buckwheat caramels. These are complex, adult candies, sweet and thick on the tongue with a subtle goaty finish. And they come in this cunning little wood box stamped with the head of a billy goat. Oh, yes, and it comes in a "jam."


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