Never let it be said

that knitters are a quiet, mousy lot.

Yesterday, a bunch of us went AWOL to celebrate La's landing in Denver. We came, we saw, we crawled. We bought a lot of yarn.

As we sat around the table at lunch (”we” being Nerd Knits, 5elementknitr, La, Marly and blogless Rachel), laughing in the way only women can when discussing the mechanics of relating to the other sex, a man seated nearby grumbled to his companion, “I didn't know we were going to be seated next to a party.”

Or a whack of knitters, as Marisa put it.

Whatever. We certainly helped the economy in the southern metro area--plundering Knitty Cat, A Knitted Peace, Colorful Yarns and String. Happily, Wanda joined us for the journey's second leg.

My take was unremarkable, nothing you haven't seen before--but eventually there will be--curtains. And this cool little number from French Girl, which I plan to knit up in a grey, sky blue linen--one skein--from A Knitted Peace.

It was a delight meeting so many smart, talented women--killer knitters and crocheters all.

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August 8. 2007 00:54


Heh.  We were a, weren't we?  But so much fun!  I've glad to have had the chance to meet you!

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