New Books, Messy Desk

My holiday gift certificate at The Lamb netted the books pictured above: Both selected for their dual reference/pattern potential.

I admire the Stitch 'N Bitch franchise as much for Stoller's relentlessly bouyant prose style as for the patterns. In the face of writing tedious, do-this, do-that directions, Stoller manages to remain clever, clear and energetic--not so easy if you've ever tackled a writing project of this sort. That her writing has stayed bright and lively over the course of so many how-to books says a lot about Stoller's strength as a writer. These are fun, breezy books that I suspect were not a breeze to write.

For those of us who write about fiber, Clara Parkes' book is a must. I know I will reference it over and over again for its insights about breed-specific wools. I'm also anxiously awaiting publication of The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius. (You can get a sneak peak over here.) The FFS promises to be a rich compendium of fiber information and photos about rare and regular wools as well as other animal fibers, including horse, dog and cat. It will be an important contribution to our little corner of the world and it's due out in May!

It's a snowy day and if it weren't for the deadlines would be a perfect morning for tea and acquiring a new fact or two. Anyway, off to the word mines. And kisses and thanks to Mom for the generous gift certificate. Mwah! 

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