New Noro magazine

Dear Editors Everywhere:

See the above? This was an enclosure in the box of assignments I received yesterday from my editor at Vogue Knitting. It's a small thing to toss copies of new magazines into a box, but it carries weight: It makes the oft-taken-for-granted freelancer feel valued.

How does this translate in copy? It makes us try harder. Not that we don't work hard for all our clients, but the ones who are thoughtful and fair and return emails get the same treatment in turn. For you, we try to squelch our organic impulses to procrastinate, we rewrite without complaint (well, maybe only a little) and we write headlines and subheads to make your job easier.

My New York editors are good eggies. They help with sources, ideas and trouble spots and they regularly turn out beautiful products.They could teach their colleagues a thing or two about the care and feeding of freelancers.

Ladies, thank you for the treats. You don't know how something fun from the Fed Ex guy can lift a day!

Your unworthy writer,

Ms. Nake-id Knits

P.S. Nice job on the new mag, by the way. Love the slouchy beanie and the skirts (and that smashing mid-mod dress)! Tickled, too, by the insider scoop on upcoming Noro goodies. Another winner!


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