New eyeglasses experiment

If you wear eyeglasses, you've probably heard of Warby Parker. And if you've every paid more than $400 for a pair of eyeglasses, their hip-and-happenin' frames plus prescription plus Tom's-like one-for-one offer for $95 has caught your eye.

Since I'm partial to cateye frames--and Warby has yet to offer what I would call a proper cateye--I've hesitated. But it's time for a refresh, and after seeing the CEO on TV talk about how they send you five pairs for a real, honest-to-gosh try on--well, who am I trying to inpress with frames the cost of which would make a nice down payment on international travel?

I picked five pair and they arrived in a handsome, branded box with a magnetic closure.

Look at them all lined up like bon bons! Why I might have to order two or three!

Mr. Nake-id weighed in and between the two of us we decided on Nedwin and Webb. Getting more input from the family at dinner this evening. And then off they'll go back to wherever Warby Parker lives. For free. And Ms. Nake-id will receive a shiny new black pair of specs.

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