New knitter

This weekend we hosted guests at the ranch, among them seven-year-old Emily. When I pulled out my knitting, I suspected it might attract some interest. Children are drawn to knitting in the same way as kittens; young things want to learn.

I didn't have proper beginning tools with me, but Emily mastered casting on (long-tail!), the knit stitch and binding off in a flash--on circular needles. Plus she loved it.

At one point she asked me: "Does knitting calm you down"?

Clearly, she gets it.

Emily with extremely well-executed garter-stitch strip. Another knitter is born!

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July 28. 2008 11:40


Very cute.

Roxanne |

July 29. 2008 03:44


Seven is the perfect age to teach knitting.  My 8 year old knits and my five year old can't wait until she's old enough.

Diana |

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