News and new obsessions

(Well, it is Friday. Hence the cat blogging image, which bears no resemblance to what follows.)

This is the last day of August and here at Chez Nake-id we're asking the hot weather to be gone. The crisp mornings are making us think of hearty soups and roasting things and the sweltering afternoons make us not want to make those hearty soups and roasting things. It really is enough already.

Ninety-degree days or no, September comes and with it a brand-new season of knitting, school clothes (whether you plan to matriculate or not) and nesting.

Some things to do, upcoming: The Salida Fiber Festival and Yarn Along the Rockies, the first-ever Front Range shop hop.

Something to knit: This splendid shawl.

Something to smell: Seven samples for $15. Includes shipping.

Something for your wish list. (In black and white or why not all colors, since we're wishing?)

Something great to do with chard.

Something to support.

Something to watch. Again. (For the writing, the art direction, the men!)

Something to wrap around your neck.

Something to make. (From Kathy in Westcliffe.)

Something to dig out of your drawer!

May your weekend be full of discoveries.


Photo courtesy of the divine Ms. Lisa.

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