You know a knit blogger is stalling when...

She/he gasses on about her/his pets. Since I've got another round and some fiddling left on Violet Beauregard (you know the skirt, right? From The Happy Hooker) let's talk cats, shall we?

Yesterday, as I was vacuuming--this is getting more compelling all the time, isn't it?--I was thinking about all the nicknames we have for the cats. For Stanley, there's Big Guy, Fat Boy, Stan the Man, Stanley Baby, Angel With Fur, Boddhisattva, Handsome and Olympic Caliber Cuddler.

For Antone, there's A.T., Orange Thing, Antonio, Little Guy, Boyfriend, Mr. Casual, Racer Back and Trouble.

Surely, y'all do the same thing?



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July 13. 2007 03:50


We call Lucy "BooBoo Kitty." Smile

Wendy |

July 13. 2007 04:46


OMG, yes, we do.  Abby is Orange, Big Kitty, Abbyjo, and Whinyhead.  Mardi is Kitten, Trouble (as in "here comes"), Mardipants, Marzipan, and "No! Mardi, quit it!".

chris |

July 13. 2007 23:31


When Sophie is scratching, I call her Kazuo. Kazuo Itchygirl.

Yes, I am a literature geek.

Kitt |

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