No guts, no glory

To put it in even more militaristic terms, no balls, no air medals. (A phrase, which carries particular significance in our home this week given that Antone is having his, ahem, procedure.)

But back to the point: I've pretty much decided to limit my assignments. (Sounds definitive, “Pretty much decided...”?)

Let's try that again, shall we?

I'm going to take less work so as to finish my novel before I'm too old to look good on a book jacket. There. I said it.

Of course, I have many commitments to meet before this all occurs. And, though Mitch is always like, “do what you need to do“ when it comes to my business, I probably need to couch this with him in pretty bald terms. As in, “Dude, how'd you feel if I didn't make a cent for six months?“

I do intend to make some cents, but want to curtail the bigger gigs so as to focus on the book. This means the flakey “me” going to war with the practical “me,” and, of course, the scared, doubting “me” battling it out with diva “me.”

Wish “me” luck!

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June 26. 2006 01:13


It'll be tough but it'll be worth it.  I had to scale back everything except mothering to finish my PhD and while I missed some things (like $$) it was the right thing to do at the time.

Good Luck!

Steph |

June 26. 2006 01:43


Go Leslie! I think this is a great idea and wish you all the best ~ I'll look forward to seeing that book jacket too!

Maggi |

June 26. 2006 07:47


Go for it, Leslie...and Mitch!  So, if it takes eating mac and cheese for 6 months - or any other sacrifice - it will be worth it to pursue the book goal.  You have great talent, Leslie  that needs to be it!  I cant wait to read it...

And, you'll look great at any age, any book jacket!  

John |

June 27. 2006 01:46


Good idea. I don't know how you could write a novel and work and knit and blog - you won't stop blogging, will you??


susan |

June 27. 2006 13:39


Good luck!

Wanda |

June 29. 2006 19:48


That is just so cool, that you wrote it out right there, in black and white, so all of us can hold you accountable! Excellent. I also heart the book jacket photo idea as motivation.

Rachael |

July 9. 2006 10:51


Leslie - the people have spoken - the people want your book. I agree with the people. You have enormous talent. Six months isn't that long in the scheme of things. I know we were both reminded this year the time is NOW.  I'll send you shipments of Trader Joe's almond butter to sustain you and Mitch. Love, your SIL.

Kathleen |

June 29. 2007 17:24


All I can say is, God bless those wild and wacky Transcendentalists

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