Not a post about the price of gas

Because I work at home, people often ask me, "Don't you have problems disciplining yourself"?

Not in the morning. In the morning I'm all fresh and clear headed and annoyingly cheerful. And sometimes I even feel like writing. I make the bed. Water the "farm." Blog. Make calls, write, tie up loose ends. Answer email. A vertitable blur of activity.

After lunch, it's another story entirely.

I'm tired, sluggish, stupid and self-indulgent. This is when I try to schedule meetings.

Yesterday afternoon in an effort to stave off napping, I decided to take the car in for an oil change, a task requiring a trip to the dealer. To make the most of this trip, I stopped at Target, the bead store (is it just me or do bead stores have weird vibe?) and then the dealership. Soul-killing places, these waiting rooms. Like being stuck in a Samuel Beckett play, only everyone has cell phones.

I had my knitting. And while everyone else was flipping their cell phones open and closed, open and closed, incessantly, I knit and while I knit, thought, "As long as there's knitting, nothing is a waste of time."

OK, so it's not the most profound idea you've read all week. Remember, I'm stupid in the afternoon.

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July 1. 2008 03:11


Hehe, not a stupid idea al all. I feel the same!!!

Andrea |

July 1. 2008 04:34


Taking my crochet with me everywhere means I'm never upset when I have to wait. That's worth a lot.

Susan |

July 1. 2008 04:43

Deborah Robson

1. Some bead stores are fine. Some are odd.

2. Some of Beckett's plays would be about the same with cell phones. Interesting staging concept.

Deborah Robson |

July 1. 2008 06:42


I think that slogan needs to be put on merchandise!

Becca |

July 2. 2008 09:09


As the Yarn Harlot says, I'm patient because I knit. I do not knit because I am patient.  Take my knitting away and just see how patient I am.

Diana |

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