Notes from a weekend

1. Most years, I get together with a few women in the neighborhood to make tamales for Christmas; tamales are a traditional holiday dish for many Latino families here in the Southwest and they are quite the to-do to make. So it’s not uncommon for groups of women to gather to share in child care, gossip and tamale assembly.

Because of the general insanity of holidays, our group met on Saturday for the annual tamale fest. It’s a wonderful inter-generational, multi-ethnic group. Everybody gets their hands dirty shredding chicken, offering opinions on the red chili, making masa, assembling and steaming the tamales. Within a few hours dozens of tamales are packaged in tin foil ready to be taken home. (And, yes, I forgot my camera.)

A lot of visiting occurs. I met a young woman for the first time, who when she heard me talking about a friend’s kids, asked, “Are those your grandchildren”?

Completely lost my appetite.

2. Finally managed to choke down a couple of tamales last night. Delish.

3. Watched the hour-long special on “60 Minutes” about global warming. Our high today is supposed to hit 16 degrees.

4. Nonetheless, I’m back in my Lopi sweater today, convinced that if we had proper leadership, he or she would encourage people to knit more and use their furnaces less. It was the hostage crisis that cratered Jimmy Carter not his cardigan.

5. Too lazy to google for cabled fingerless mitts, so designed my own. With the help of Ann Budd and Barbara Walker.



Knit on US 7 in Cascade Yarns Dolce, color 974

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January 21. 2008 01:58


Please do write down that pattern.  I love them and would love to make them.  I have some Classic Elite Baby Alpaca in almost the same colorway calling to be used for those mitts!

Diana |

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