Notes on Monday

1. Where was the floor-length, crochet-medallion dress at the Oscars? Hmmmm?

2. Hugh Jackman. What a yummy, smokey hambone.

3. Beginning knitters always want to knit scarves. Is it a comfort thing? The tantalizing simplicity of the parallelogram? Wearability? Problem is, they take forever.

4. In the category of "who knew": Bought a mattress yesterday for a second bedroom. Apparently mattresses double in weight every 10 years from the accumulation of dust mites. Makes you want to run out and make a hotel reservation, doesn't it? The reason for concern is not the mite corpus per se, but the little buggers' leavings. Mite guano, as it were, exacerbates allergies. (Relieved to find that this is a disputed "fact.")

5. Obsessed with the obsessions in The Secret History.

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February 23. 2009 12:41


Someone once told me that there are no dust mites in Denver because of the altitude. Now I know there are no fleas, but . . .?

Susan |

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