Obama Paper Doll: The two dimensional candidate?

Take Flat Barack to your next party!

Explore the question, "Is the senator from Illinois really an empty suit?" with the Obama Paper Doll Set. Get tangible proof that this self-made millionaire, former president of the Harvard Law Review, author of two books, a professor at the University of Chicago, the third African American to be elected to the United States Senate, and the architect of the campaign which upended the Clinton juggernaut, really is an emperor with no clothes.

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August 19. 2008 07:15


That's a hoot! I'm still working on menu plans for our little acceptance speech dinner next week. Ideas? Recipes?

Roxanne |

August 19. 2008 21:14


Well, here's a suggestion from another angle. My friend Charlie is creating a cookbook with recipes celebrating the final 100 days of the Bush debacle...you might find something here: http://www.nutritionaccomplished.com

Stephanie |

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