Though I've been suffering a bit of campaign fatigue, I'm finally getting into the spirit.

The Obama/Clinton blood feud was mighty wearisome--and damaging, I might add. In doing a bit of voter registration this weekend, I encountered a Hillary supporter who thinks Sen. Obama is just too liberal. I suspect there are countless Hillary fans who are still licking their wounds and finding fault with our presumptive candidate. Ladies and gentlemen, please look at the state of the union. Do we want a president who only recently learned how to surf the Internet? Who can't get his facts straight on Iraq? Who cozied up to Dubbya after Bush's campaign apparatchiks maligned him and his family in 2000? Ew.

Hillary's candidacy was historic and important for a million different reasons (and I only wish I had half her brains). But the issues are larger than Hillary vs. Obama. The real concerns are the health of the planet, the global economy, war and peace. Big stuff. This election is and is not about Sen. Obama. It's about moving the country to a place where we can begin to develop self-reliant sources of energy (and then export them), to address our crippled health-care system, and find ways to help families caught in the mortgage crunch rebuild their lives.

So we're hosting an Obama House Party to eat cookies and talk politics. The whole idea is to inspire others to host similar events; this not only cements local communities, but also more deeply invests people in the election. Kind of like an ideological Tupperware Party.

If only I had known about this before our do.

In the interest of complete bi-partisanship, I should mention that there's Crocheters for Obama swag as well. (NB: Twenty percent of proceeds go to the Obama campaign.)

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July 29. 2008 05:42


That's funny. Good luck with your event. My friend Macayla hosted an Obama BBQ recently. We couldn't make it, but I'm sure (knowing her) that it was a hoot.

Roxanne |

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