Odd lot

—Have gone completely buggy over the AMC show “Mad Men,” about a New York advertising firm in 1960. Were men really that piggy?

—Finished reading Pat Conroy’s The Great Santini. Good golly that man can write.

—Alberto Gonzales and Karl Rove both gone in the span of two weeks. Hard to know whether the devil one knows is preferable to the devil one doesn’t? But in any event, bubbye.

—Jury’s still out on Door-to-Door Organics, which delivers local (mostly) organic produce door to door. We’re splitting a box with our neighbors, and while the quality is terrific (fat, ripe local peaches and the sweetest corn), I’m on the fence about the price. 

—Back on track with the lace curtains. I think.

--So far down on the Ravelry queue, I'll be cashing social security checks before I'm approved.

—Bought a bit of yard art at the Sweet William Market. A welded rose. My kind of plant. No watering. No deadheading. No attrition.

—Made a delicious dish with local, organic kale. Really.

—So if I start meditating, will I have to give up afternoon naps?



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August 27. 2007 03:46


Naps!  When is my nap?  I've been contemplating meditating...I was just saying it to gf yesterday.

Christie |

August 27. 2007 05:32


When I try meditating, I fall asleep. I suppose that means I'm sleep-deprived.

Oh, and as for Ravelry - I never signed up. Was toying with it over the weekend. Guess I won't now, considering how many people seem to be in the queue. I just hope that it's not the next blogging craze and that all the bloggers I read now quit blogging and start writing on Ravelry (because if you're not "in," you can't get in to read, apparently).

I don't know. I know everyone's said, "not a clique!" but you know, it kind of feels that way right now. (Of course, part of that could be that I'm just in a rubbed-the-wrong-way mood lately)

fillyjonk |

August 27. 2007 13:48


Ravelry: I think I finally signed up, so we'll probably get there about the same time. I don't have enough time for anything new right now anyway, so I figure in my case it's just as well!

Deborah Robson |

September 2. 2007 03:58


I find naps to be VERY meditative!

5elementknitr |

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