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We aren't early adopters here. For instance, when I pull out my Tracphone, people laugh. My friend Stephanie has more than once referred to my computer as a laptopasaurus. My mother gives me her old digital cameras. I would still use WordStar if I could.

I find myself, though, thinking about the mystery that is the Apple tablet. The techno pundits are all like burning bush about the whole thing as if they're waiting for Moses to come down off Mt. Sinai, eyes blazing with a jazz patch and new widget.

Me? I want it to be a Kindle with color. With an abiding love for magazines--the whole package of gorgeous writing, photography and design--I'm hoping this thing, this much-anticipated doo-dad, will help revivify print or at least offer cool opportunities for reinvention. How cool would it be to slip one of these babies into your knitting bag and pull up goodies like the new Knitting Brioche or a Barbara Walker treasury?

Be even better, if it would also vaccuum the floor.


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January 7. 2010 23:35

Deborah Robson

I remember WordStar. I remember PerfectWriter. I remember CP/M.

Yeah, all of the Walker treasuries in a handy, portable package. Nice. Throw June Hemmons Hiatt in there, too. And Montse Stanley. And . . .

Deborah Robson |

January 8. 2010 00:20


Oooh a Kindle that can vacuum, I might even sign up for that.  Even better, can it vacuum and read to me?

Caitlin |

January 8. 2010 05:32


I'd like it to dispense drinks, too.

Wendy |

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