Of rice and when

Another busy week here at Nake-id Knits, which explains the "when" in this headline; as in when will I finish all this work, when will I post to the blog, when will I clean the closets? Y'all know. It's the same for you.

So I'm compensating by reading about food, hence the "rice" noted above, currently Judith Moore's succulent, Never Eat Your Heart Out--like eating a fat, purple plum it is. And recipe titles from Bon Appetit, like this one, which made my toes curl into tight commas: "Layered Brownies with White-Chocolate Caramel and Cacao Nib Gelato."

I dare you to say "Cacao Nib Gelato" out loud in polite company.

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August 6. 2009 12:11


Lordy!  Whether it is polite or not - make it for your father and he'll never question your manners, I assure you!

Sue |

August 6. 2009 19:56


Who cares if its polite company or not.  Lets Eat!  

John |

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