Of squirrels, writing, knits and convergence of same

Yesterday, while having a conversation about squirrels--Anne captures the story beautifully in pictures, scroll down until you see the miscreants--we again marvelled at the number of knitter-blogger-writers in our fecund little corner of the blogosphere. Then Lauren sends a notice about a writing/knitting workshop at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos. And, it turns out, even the Denver Public Library is offering knitting classes.

That I've met four writer-knitter-bloggers--and I haven't met that many of you--suggests a lot of us are engaged in similar pursuits. But what is it about writing and knitting that they so often occupy the same pair of hands?

Of course, the intersection of writing and blogging makes sense; we're blabbers. But knitting, too? In the past, I've wondered whether we share the same astrological sign, Myers-Briggs personality type or Enneagram number. But that doesn't seem to explain it. Could it be brain chemistry? A past life thing? Zeitgeist?

While we ponder these burning issues, I think Anne needs this. Don't you?

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October 18. 2006 02:22


I've been thinking about the knitting-writing thing since you mentioned it in Taos.  See, it did not slip by me, though I did not have anything brilliant to say about it at that time.  And I still do not.  For now, suffice to say, maybe it has to do with the kind of mind/personality combination that is conducive to writing and to knitting.  Maybe there is a mind/personality type that works for both knitting and writing, albeit a certain kind of knitting, since there are many different kinds of knitters (and probably many different kinds of writers).

Lauren |

October 18. 2006 05:13


Here's what I think . . . squirrels are a bigger threat to our national security than North Korea.  They can't knit. They can't write.  And, their ratty little pelts can't be spun into useful fiber.  What good are they?

On knitting and writing, I have other thoughts.  Both require concentration, attention to detail, precision and a skillful pairing of form and function.  Turning a sock heel is to knitting what finding the perfect metaphor is to writing.  Call it the "geek factor."  

In addition to the geekiness of writing and knitting, both crafts engage the free-association, neuron-sparking creative juices.  All the wild ideas that eventually get edited down to a coherent piece of writing aren't that different from the knitter playing with her stash and dreaming-up combinations of texture and color.

I also think that knitting is a good tactile replacement for the way we used to write.  Remember the days of notebooks, pens, the smell of ink, the feel of a clean sheet of paper, all the doodling and scratching-out we used to do?  Most of that has disappeared with the computer.  Playing with yarn is the "new doodling" that stimulates our brains with texture, color and smell while we try to come up with that elusive, but perfect analogy or metaphor.

Plus, like knitting, our writing requires a beginning, a middle and an end.  For example, if this were a polished piece of writing, I would have to bring up those squirrels again in order to tidy things up.  But it's not, so I won't.

Thanks for the links.  That skirt is nutty.

threadingwater |

October 18. 2006 07:45


I wonder if any of those parent squirrels in the cages had any babies in the nests overhead?

Sue |

October 18. 2006 11:35


I think the writing & knitting thing is a creative kind of link (no pun intended) we just happen to share. I wonder what women say in the 30s & 40s would have done with blogging had they had it then. Squirrels would probably be non-existent.

Carol |

June 29. 2007 14:21


Plus, like knitting, our writing requires a beginning, a middle and an end. For example, if this were a polished piece of writing, I would have to bring up those squirrels again in order to tidy things up. But it's not, so I won't

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