Oh those Russians

Yesterday I was bouncing down the Information Superhighway when this crossed my path: Taiga Yarns, a North American distributor for Russian knitting products. One would assume that a busy professional such as myself would keep on trucking, but one would be wrong. My mouse left skid marks.

Inside you’ll find camel yarn for $4.95/218 yds! Camel! Alpaca for $3.35/208 yds. Laceweight, natural-colored goat down for $5.85/514 yds. Also, tons of blends, including linen and silk, some classic wools and a 50/50 angora/wool blend that looks slipper-worthy.

What really got me, though, were the magazines. Years ago when I was young and my brain wasn’t like hard cheese like it is now, I studied Russian language, minored in it in fact. Studied it for so long you’d think I’d be able to discuss the failure of Marxist philosophy in the former Soviet Union with Mikhail Gorbachev in his native tongue. But again, you would be wrong. Instead these are the extent of my Russian language skills: I can get myself to a ladies room. Order a glass of wine. And ask the question critical in all international travel, “How much”? 

(N.B. For the record, the Secretary of State and I, co-alumnae of the same fine institution of higher learning, had the same Russian professor. I wonder if she can get herself to a ladies room?)


While some of the covers didn’t appeal to my American sensibilities, this being one of them (see below), I thought I might be able to brush up by translating a few Russian patterns.

Russian knitting magazine

This model (below) looks as if she could eat an American man for breakfast as a side with her herring and eggs.

Russian 2

Snarkiness aside, Russia has an amazing knitting culture and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these mags. OK, so how much?

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March 9. 2007 09:21


great site!!

John |

March 9. 2007 10:23


I took three semesters of it and find it amazing that I can even still sound out words.  And barely.

I think my brain just doesn't absorb Slavic languages.  Now Italian...there's a tongue I sunk my teeth into... so to speak.

Russian was just plain hard.

Rachel |

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