Oh, Canada

Just back from a glamorous business trip to Toronto, in which I saw none of the city, none of the yarn shops and a lot of a charming little university.

I did, however, get to sample some indigenous cuisine—Ketchup-flavored Lays potato chips, which are unavailable in the States. A nasty business, that, and a good reason to keep our borders safe.

The trip did enable good progress on Violet Beauregard, as inspired by Christy. I’m hoping that blocking will tame that poufy-looking lace.


Antone stalking Violet

Also, I have a question. Though I tried desperately to increase in the “marked” stitch, I’ve created a diagonal seam. See? There must be a way to determine the proper places in which to increase. Is there a visual clue I’m missing?


Is there a fix for this? Or do I call it my “tango” skirt and let it go?

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June 28. 2007 02:57


I guess I'll take that question.  Mine had a diagonal seam too.  I used it as a side seam and forgot about it...so much so I can't remember how it looks when I have the damn thing on [although if you look at the second picture on my blog, you can see it running down the side].   And the poufy cha-cha-ness will calm down as the lace part gets longer and heavier.  Is yours all one color?  

Christie |

June 28. 2007 02:58


Oh, and ketchup flavored Lays?  I guess that explains why they have such good health coverage as a country.  

Christie |

July 16. 2007 05:15


Next time let me know you're visiting.  I could have filled in the gaps on your trip--good food, good yarn etc.

Ketchup chips are evil.

Dr. Steph |

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